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Last updated on June 3rd, 2018


Some of you probably know Masamichi Katayama through his work for Bape, Billionaire Boys club or Nike. A big part of the well known stores in Tokyo nowadays was designed by him or his agency. It seems unreal that this man was struggling to make a living out of design back in the 90s and even considered quitting and choosing another field of work.

It was then when Nigo came to him in 1998 and offered him the job to design the first Bape store, The Nowhere store in Harajuku. Two years later Katayama founded his Wonderwall agency and realized over 60 Bape stores worldwide, the interior of collete, Original Fake, Uniqlo and several others.

Worshippers have believed that the Homangu Kamado Shrine in Daizafu, Fukuoka is home to the god of love and matchmaking. So especially in spring when young couples are hanging out in the parks celebrating sakura, this is the place to be. An integral part of the shrine is the Juyosho which is the visitor center and also selling talismans and charms to bring good fortune and ward off evil spirits.

The shape of the building shall resemble the form of an heart “surrounded by an earthen floor”. The seats on the Kamado Shrine’s viewing deck were designed by Jasper Morrison and are able to rotate so that everyone can choose their personal position and viewing angle. I just want to point out that the individual tiles on the ceiling are typically for wonder wall. Just love this. He did something very similar in the Original Fake store and made this his personal signature.










All images © Nacása & Partners | Via: Wonderwall

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