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June Thomas who writes for the New York Times Magazine, picked up a couple of Japanese Men’s wear magazines and created a funny chart including “Camouflage sighting” and “Strangest story”. She also hints that with the demise of Vogue Homme in Japan, the market may be in for a new “photo-heavy Japanese Men’s Wear magazine”. Sounds alright.

The Japanese sure do love their magazines and because a big part of them contains awesome gimmicks from well known brands, the actual magazine is often sold immediately to one of the many 2nd hand bookstores. Been there, done that and now back to the awesome chart June Thomas created.


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  • j3dmed

    The names of some of their magazines are a bit different too! It would be funny to have a magazine in, say France, named Hot dog. There also Popeye and Brutus.

    Just discovered your amazing site, so many articles to read and this one caught my eye, there’s also those manga! :)


    • JapaneseTease

      Haha, yeah. Haven’t really thought about it until now but these names would sure sound a bit silly over here in Europe :)

      Thank you so much for your nice comment, really glad you like the stuff I selected :)

      Just checked out your site. It’s wonderful, really. Bookmarked it. I’m was a huge film-buff and am just getting back to watching more films regularly. Will have to buy “Ping Pong” and I think I should really start watching “Love exposure”. Bought the dvd years ago but it never made it into my player :)

      • j3dmed

        Thanks for visiting! :)

        About the two movies… well, Love Exposure requires a bit of time. I was overwhelmed by how long it is. But every minute is worth it. Ping Pong is definitely one of the best sports films ever made, and it might start a bit slow but the competition scenes are sheer fun, very exciting.

        I also stopped watching movies, and only started blogging again. Been a big fan of German movies too, Watched some nice movies starring Daniel Bruhl, August Diehl, Kostja Ullman, Stipe Erceg and Julia Jentsch.

        I never had a chance to watch another Wolfgang Becker film though… only Goodbye Lenin!

        • JapaneseTease

          Just ordered the Ping Pong dvd and will probably finally try Love Exposure next week. Like you mentioned, the length of the movie was always a bit intimidating.

          I have to admit that I’m not that keen on the more recent German films but Goodbye Lenin was really a good one. Currently, I’m watching a lot by Pasolini. Love his stuff.

          A couple years back the German dvd-label “Rapid Eye Movies” brought some of the more recent Japanese films to Germany but apart from an early film by Sabu (Blessing Bell) I didn’t like their stuff too much. Tonight, I will read a little more on your blog to get some tips :)