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Last updated on June 2nd, 2018

Greetings from the Japanese Tease headquarter. I hope this finds you well. While listening to Hitoshi Sato’s stunning record Awakening I thought about writing a little update post for all you lovely guys and gals. Damn, it’s been a while. I promised myself that I would never write one of these “I’m gone but I’ll be back posts” but here we are. And there is a good reason to wake up Japanese Tease from its beauty sleep.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to write more frequent updates for the next year to come. I’d love to, really, nothing more fun than reading your well thought out comments to another wacky post about Japanese loveliness, but I currently really lack that “Japanese mindset”. It’s always the case when I’m not able to study on a daily basis.

The months are flying by and there is always so much stuff to do that there is little time for learning Japanese anymore. I know you all experienced this. Probably a couple of times already. And if you didn’t: Congrats. I’m a little jelly. I have the feeling that learning Japanese in your free time is a step by step approach for most of us which is stretching over the years with many breaks in between. But the important thing is: We won’t give up.

Nobody likes a post without pictures. So to liven up things a little a picture of the record that’s playing. Not to mistake it to be the lovely one by Hiroshi Sato. Vril 1-4 released on Giegling. Great dub techno from 2010.

It’s nearly mid-2018 nothing much happened here on Japanese Tease. Nothing to be precise. I’m in my last year of dentistry studies and this time around next year I’ll be a freshly baked dentist. Finally.

My days are mostly spent at the university, treating patients with a few classes in between. When I get home and don’t have to study, I need to relax. And as rewarding and fun as learning Japanese can be, it’s really nothing I, want to tackle on my few days off. Even if I tried to integrate iKnow and WaniKani into my daily routine again, I just couldn’t manage to do it on a daily basis. And we all know that’s key to making real progress.

Japanese Tease has been light on updates and there were some recent changes: GDPR compliance is a must now and that means you have to actively accept cookies now on this site. And maybe even say goodbye to Disqus. I loved the comment system, you did, but unfortunately, the GDPR didn’t. Or at least their data handling.

I’m working on a (hopefully) nice alternative which will be up in the next couple of days. If you have any suggestions or insights on that matter – please, like always, share your wisdom with me. The optimal solution would always be just to be able to continue using Disqus.

Another thing: All the nice pictures I did for you guys. Rest assured I’ll make some more but for now, I deleted everything I didn’t take myself. And some more. A precaution I had to learn the hard way (maybe more about that another time). Updated the very first easy to read manga article with some new pictures after deleting some. I left a couple of old ones from the original article in there. To preserve some of the nice memories I still have about having taken the very first pictures for Japanese Tease.

And another one to give you an idea under which circumstances this post was written. With the smell of Muguet in my nose. The best. Credits go to my buddy Cristiano who was extra nice to send me this one. On the right: A Japanese cookbook and a few from Japan. Maybe they even deserve a post of their own.

It’s already been 5 years since I started this blog. Unbelievable. Unfortunately, with all the studying going on, I won’t be able to write much new stuff for the next year to come as well. But the blog is not forgotten and still means a lot to me. It will be back for real – promise – but not really up to speed until I’m done with all that university stuff. Just a little heads up so you know what to expect.

I moved the whole site to a dedicated WordPress hosting called Kinsta. More on this another time but if you’re playing with the idea of moving your blog or starting one  – I can only praise their fantastic service. Hopefully, you’ll notice that the blog is running much faster now and I’m not the only one who thinks it’s fast like a bullet now. Like always I did it for us.

Thanks for reading, thanks for your patience and thanks for being the awesome persons you are. I still have yet to experience a single negative thing on this site. Only positive comments, no hate no bullshit. It’s always a pleasure!

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