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Last updated on July 30th, 2018

We recently wrote about the Homangu Kamado Shrine which was also designed by Masamichi Katayama and are overall big admirers of his work. Fun fact: I just ordered the book Wonderwall Archives Vol.01 mere seconds before I stumbled upon the news of Katayama designing a store for Thom Brown in middle of Aoyama, Tokyo.

Two months ago the legendary fashion designer from New York opened his first flagship store abroad and he really chose a special location for this undertaking.

The store is located on the posh Miyuki-Dori and surrounded by other infamous brands like Acne Studios and Mackintosh. From the outside, the building looks like a grey fortress with no windows. The front door only lets ‘s light into the building and is the only visible entrance.

The 3-story structure is a full-service boutique offering menswear (on the 1st floor) womenswear (2nd floor) and a made-to-order room in the basement. If you know the brand, you may agree that the style of the new shop is resembling the attitude of the designer, Thom Browne, quite well.

A simple dapper look with a faible for the classic style of the 60s. You can easily imagine the characters of Mad Men working there with Dan Draper walking up the stairs to his office. Sitting down in his Eames executive chair shortly after pouring himself a glass of Whiskey.

All images © Koto Takayama & Wonderwall | Via: Spoon & Tamago

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