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On our trip to Tokyo we bought tons of Japanese books and comics. So many that we had to buy an additional suitcase to avoid exceeding the weight restrictions by our airline. Even in Germany girls seem to love Masking Tape but it’s not near as popular as it is in Japan. There you can find the most extravagant checkings and drawings on masking tapes.

My girlfriend is nuts about this stuff and bought this book in a small store in Gakugeidaigaku. They carried books about every handcraft I could think of . If you need a book on how to tailor your on kimono, I’m sure they got it. I’m actually under the impression that handrafts are quite popular in Japan because there seems to be such a wealth of books with whom you could teach yourself nearly everything. But it’s Japan and they sure love books over there.

Get the book: マスキングテープ活用帖

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