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Last updated on June 10th, 2018

A good friend of mine studied packaging design which led me to appreciate the art of making functional yet eye pleasing packaging a little more. Not that I wasn’t fascinated by well constructed boxes but I just wasn’t aware of all the obstacles a designer had to overcome to make their design a viable option for a company.

It has to look good, it has to be durable but at the same time light and easy to staple to save on storage and transportation. You need a pretty good foundation in Physics to say the least. But if packaging design is done right it really is beneficial to the product. Apple for a popular example. Their packaging is always an integral part of the product itself.

The clean white boxes where everything has a purpose inside the case. Before you even get to use your new gadget you’re stunned by the sole experience of unwrapping and all the thought that went into it. That what defines great packaging design for me. If the “wrapping” ads something to the experience of buying a new product.

The Mizkan Group has been producing vinegar for 210year now and is a well known staple in the Japanese food industry. You know the brand but should check out their website nonetheless just because of all the delicious recipes. To commemorate the anniversary of vinegar making the company asked designer Taku Satoh to create a commemorative vinegar box. And I seriously want to buy it.

On the box is the name Matazaemon of the founder written in Kanji and of course the company name and logo. The design of the bottle itself is already very pleasing and can be used as a beautiful vase when all the vinegar is used up. Of course it can but the wooden stand makes it solid and actually pretty usable.

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