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Last updated on January 3rd, 2014

Amélie from Canada was kind enough to join me here at Japanese Tease. I first stumbled upon her twitter profile and then discovered her website which shows of some of her marvelous work as a graphic designer and animator. She is working on her new demoreel these days in fact! It’ll be posted in January. So, the best of 2013 is coming in the beginning of 2014!

She has a strong passion for language learning, and is looking forward for cultural exchanges. And in her own words:”It’s always interesting to be out of the “comfort zone”. Learning Japanese is part of it, everything is to learn, nothing I know to refer to.”

Head over to amélietourangeau.com and give it a look. Apart from a shared love for graphic design and Japanese stuff, Amélie is currently on her way to learn the 常用漢字 with WaniKani and playing some Animal Crossing on her Japanese 3DS.

If you’re wondering: The video above shows some of Amélies work from 2012, or in her own words “The best of what I’ve done during last year”.

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