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Last updated on February 17th, 2015

My dear longtime friend Anna decided to finally join me here at Japanese Tease to introduce some great Asian artists and art in general to you. We’ve run the German website NoMoreMindGames (now defunct) for several years together but both wanted to try something new, something more personal. I’m in love with the Japanese culture for nearly a decade but it has been easy to convince Anna that she has been a secret fan of Japanese things for quite some time as well.

Anna has been studying Art History in Freiburg, Germany and just recently switched to the university in Cologne to do her M.A.. Great city, that’s for sure. She has a great taste in all things design and I even had to order some Japanese fashion books for her to provide her with the newest latest from Tokyo.

So, if you see some Japanese fashion books over here within the next weeks they probably belong to Anna.


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