Yotsuba& Calendar 2014

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Last updated on July 28th, 2018

Maybe it’s already a little late to buy a calendar for 2014, but the Yotsuba calendar was just too nice to miss out on. Cdjapan is currently selling this one with a discount for a mere 1400¬• and so I just had to grab it. Die to my studies I had it lying around here for about two weeks till I opened it today. Nice one and the packaging was really great by cdjapan as usual. No shortcomings in comparison to honto.jp where I usually order my printed stuff.

Just made some quick pictures of the whole unwrapping process to share with you. Will have to find a proper sport for it to hang first before I’ll make some of the individual monthly pages for you.

Buy the calendar: Yotsuba 2014 calendar

yotsubato calendar 2014

yotsubato calendar 2014-3

yotsubato calendar 2014-4

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